Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Tag! You're It! – My Makeup Story

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
Believe it or not I was making myself up in one way or another before the age of 9. Remember the little palette that came with the Barbie Head? Yes...that one. I had that, one lipgloss and one lipstick that changed to red on your lips.
Yes hunny, you saw that correctly before the age of 9. By the time I had turned 9 and was bored out of my mind my mom gave a bunch of stuff that she no longer needed or used just to give me something to do and get out of her hair. You know how mom's do when a child is bored - they solve the problem. Thanks mom... I will be forever grateful to you for introducing me to the World of Beauty.

I acquired my knowledge by trial and error and lots of damn error of course. But it paid off because by the time I entered High School I could do to my face what most pros (at the time I didn’t know that there was such a career as a makeup artist – what was that? For a while I thought they did it themselves like I’d heard some actors and actresses did sometimes back in the day – I know silly right?) could do to those glamorous models faces in the High Fashion magazines. Hells bells hunny even my Teachers were impressed. The other thing that impressed them too was that I had manners and tact. Sometimes those things can take you farther than any amount of Maybelline you cake on your face.

How did you get into makeup?
I talked about most of that above but here’s the addendum to that – I was piddling around on YouTube. I don’t even remember what the hell I was looking for. I mean for the most part the only real time that I watched anything on YouTube was when my late husband showed me something or something was sent to him via email – “Charles you gotta see this!” something of that nature. But then we moved and I got my own little room upstairs to do my own things in and I happened across either Eve Pearl or Pursebuzz or EnKore or somebody. I know that Pinkiecharm’s video of her traincase was the first makeup collection that I ever viewed and the rest is history except for the video entitled Random Makeup Looks – tis no longer available and a girl by the name of DollfaceMakeup that closed her account.
I just thought to myself – I can do this – I can teach ppl what I’ve learned personally over the years and even what I learned from the bullshit workshop I took now five years ago…I can do this – all I need is a camera. Hell I remember watching Panacea81 before she blew up and had products in Sephora – before she talked, when she was playing that bomb ass music in her makeup tutorials and everything started out with the damn Sharkskin Shadestick from MAC…and the looks just frackin’ worked man.

What are some of your favorite brands?
Now this list is ridiculously long but here goes – and in no particular order – NYX, Milani, L’Oreal HiP or Studio Professional Secrets whichever you prefer to call it – I like HiP… I digress, moving on – L.A. Colors (love my cheap shit and I always will), WetNWild – always – got me through Junior High and High School – gotta give it its major props. Coastal Scents because I’m palette crazy and Sigma Brushes because Mac tends to be a bit much at times even though I do own some. And at the end of my holy grail day I love love love did I say love yes I did – I LOVE finding dupes for everything MAC down to the brushes.
I know I’ve left a lot out but we’ll be here all day… ok????? Naw mean???? Oh and I can’t forget my Theatrical Giants – Ben Nye, Mehron, and Kryolan (the foundations are to die for – don’t sleep) and Graftobian.

What does makeup mean to you?
This is a loaded question – Its like what doesn’t it mean to me? Who doesn’t want to feel glamorous? Sexy? Confident? Strong? Renewed? Carefree?
Makeup to me can mean everything one minute and nothing the next depending on the mood I’m in. But I will say this – there’s nothing that compels me more to buy. I buy it because I love it. I buy it for all the pretty colors, the pretty textures and the pretty possibilities. I buy it because when I do wear it, I feel at my best. I feel somewhat more put together and powerful and worth that second or third glance or look I get from that certain guy. Its empowering on a level that for most of us – yes, it just surpassith understanding…but its almost intoxicating the hold it has on poor unsuspecting souls. Putting your best face forward exudes a kind of confidence they didn’t talk about in those damn fairy tale books. I mean I know how good I feel when I take the time to put that effort that pride in the colors that I choose to sport to go with my particular outfit…and how I apply them…its my signature across my face as unique as a fingerprint. I know what I can bring to the table moreso than when I’m rocking a plain face. So what if it’s a “mask” for the world to see for a few hours a day – so what? Question is – did you feel good while you were wearing it? Did you feel polished? More poised? Stronger than yesterday? I say yes…a resounding sonorous YES! Yes, that’s what makeup means to me – the ability to Transform, Transmorph, Transmogrify myself into the woman that I know I can be, the woman that I know that I’m supposed to be even it is for just a few hours at a time.

If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be?
Lipstick or Gloss

What is your favorite thing about makeup?
See Question number 4!

What do you think about drugstore versus high-end?
At the end of the day its all the same damn thing. Who cares? They are all made in the same damn warehouse or factory and packaged and given different prices. I just want more bang for my buck is all. Its like asking what is the difference between regular unleaded gasoline and premium gasoline – its price fool!

What is the one tip of advice you can give to a beginner?
Don’t believe the hype!!!!!! Makeup comes in many brands, many forms, many price ranges. But don’t let the smooth taste fool you – when you learn the proper techniques you can rock anything from Wet N Wild to Chanel – you just have to know what you are doing and have the proper tools. And believe me hunnybunny, even on my worst days I can rock Wet N Wild as if it were Chanel or MAC or Nars and no one not even the ladies at those damn counters can tell the difference. Its all in the wrist hunny – any good prestidigitator will tell you that!

What is the one makeup trend you never understood?
Oh Lord, where do I stop and where do I start? And how much time do you have and yes I know the question said one but I break rules all the time…so here are my top 5; Sharpie eyebrows is one. Overdrawn lips is another. The wrong nude color lipstick on the wrong skintone...MY nude is not YOUR nude...and YOUR nude is not MY nude - Get it Right! That black eyeliner with bright pink or red un-blended lipstick. Too bright an eye highlight on the wrong complexion… It’s a mystery.

What do you think about the Beauty Community on YouTube?
I honestly used to enjoy it but now, not so much. I will say that in the past I did learn a lot and I’m still learning. I can safely say that I’m a graduate of the YouTube Makeup University and that I’ve studied with some very worthy professors. There are some talented ppl on YT and then there are some that still need a lot of practice and work especially on interpersonal skills.
I just wish it were more like it was say just 3 or 4 years ago.
All and all it’s a wonderful heaping motherload of information – it's how you choose to utilize it that’s key. At the end of the day – take what you need from various ones and keep it moving. Check your egos and drama at the door.

Until Next Beauty Time Lovelies...<3

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Toxic Victims and Empty Promises...

The last time I was here and tried to post something it was erased so now even at this late hour 2:18 AM I'm trying it again.

At the time I had just received a message in my YT inbox that just pissed me the hell off. I missed something and I was basically cut off for it. And to make matters worse I wrote an apology which I hella regret like a mug...ya dig? I'm not going there again when s**t pops off. I cannot do it.

I have got to get rid of Toxic Relationships and twitches with this case of the Victim Syndrome...if you have a tin cup stay the hell away from me.

There will be no pictures with this one...the guilty don't deserved to be identified in this piece. I want to cuss so badly and really let loose but I don't think Blogspot lets you do that. Because to keep this 100 I would have to get really street real with my sisters in here. We have to leave these ppl alone. Let me hip you guys to something... "the crazies" is not just a movie. This is about keeping your sanity and letting stupid shit go. This is about keeping the right ppl and letting the wrong ones go on their merry damn way. Toxic Victims are not cute. The practically skin you alive and leave your bones out to dry. Its ridiculous.

We all know what is special to one person and the next person. Sometimes you cannot always be everything to everybody. We need to get rid of these expectations on folks that are not related to us be it your husband your wife your momma your daddy your whatever...stop putting unrealistic expectations on ppl that you met online. Birthdays are going to be forgotten. Holidays are going to be missed. We need to get over ourselves expecting ppl to be something they are not. We need to stop trying to reduce every situation to how to be a real 100% better whatever when it comes to friendships. Like my girl on YT said "we don't go together." I was never mad when I watched that video...I laughed my head off on that one. I had no idea at the time that I would be going through a similar situation shortly thereafter.

Momma said "There'll be days like this." And she never lied. The days become weeks, weeks become months, and months become years of piled on anguish and drama. I live each day one at a time with as little drama as possible. I can't be everything for everybody. I'm an orphan now...but when I wasn't an orphan, I wasn't the best daughter, but damnit! I TRIED. I'm no longer a wife. I am now a widow. I will become a vital viable member of society once I finish what I start as far as going back to school so I can retire from having to go back to retail for good and so I will never have to work another plant job. Truth be told I would rather create my own business and work from home. I want every ounce of control I can get back. I am still a mom. That won't change. But I'm not the "real grade A number one 100% best friend." Obviously, as much as I've tried in the past - I'm not that one. After this past experience I cannot get that one right for some reason. Something happens and I get blamed for it. I try to move past it but it comes back and slaps me in the face telling me in that person's voice "you're not doing it right!" Really? Well buckle up honey because its the story of my damn life.

But then I realized in all the confusion when the moment clarified itself like butter that there are some high maintenance folks out there that need to be stroked and attended to more than most animals in captivity at a wildlife preserve or some the prettiest gardens on the planet. I can't do all the tending and cultivating. I have other more important things to do than stroking someone's tissue paper ego...I have a child to raise and send on her merry way out into the big bad world representing me and all my hard work. I don't have time for this other stuff. So what I forget. I forget shit all the time...we all do. I'm not the first person on the planet to miss an important date that belong one person or a whole group. Get over it and as I was once told "get over yourself" a phrase which I hate but applies here beautifully like expensive wallpaper.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

How Do I Look? Hair - No Hair - Glasses - No Glasses :D

I don't remember when I took this pic - but it is THE before...what a look...I wasn't feeling this - can't you tell LOL... on to the next one...yep. (Aug. 15th, 2010 - whoops found the date - hehe!)

Now this one was taken on the 28th of August, 2010 and this was a moment of I'd had enough with the hair already... oh and I enjoyed the movie V for Vendetta too. My favorite characters of course were V and Evie (Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman respectfully)

This is the current look so far sans glasses...what do you think of that growth in about two months give or take?

And this is me in some of my modern favorite frames. I have 2 other pairs that I wear but I usually reach for these first. The frames below my late husband actually picked out for me at the time. And for a while they were my faves of all time but then the clear beauties above I picked myself and they have been my faves ever since.

The last three pics with the "new growth" were taken on October 2nd, 2010. Not bad for a few weeks huh?

I did the big chop back in August. Actually I did it August 28th to be exact. Yep, I chopped all my hair off to start over from the countless relaxers and the reversion back to my natural. I wasn't feeling the miniature afro so I grabbed the clippers put them on the right setting and pulled a Demi Moore ala G.I. Jane <3>
I will be so kind and give you the before well, the current before dig the look on my face yeah its a doozie and then there's the day of the big chop itself and then there's the current look and I'm even sporting my glasses that I wear when I need them which is supposed to be everyday even when I'm watching TV - bummer but most especially when I drive so I can see the damn road signs from a distance cuz shit far off gives these pretty brown peepers problems. Ain't that some ish? I got my first pair of glasses while I was living in Atlanta. Ah...Atlanta...a town I think I would like to go back to get this makeup thing whatever that may be, off the ground. Do you think by any chance that I miss Atlanta... well yeah - I damn sure do miss it - the sites - the shopping... esp. the shopping. And back to the glasses - I have to make glasses look as fierce as possible with the right clothes and accessories cuz this sis can't stand nothing in her eyes and nothing touching the eyeballs so even though I've tried contacts they are not for me. I wore them for all total about 4 hours. I had problems putting them in. I had difficulties taking them out and to top things off they dried out my eyes. My poor eyes are extremely sensitive sometimes even to the sun and other extremely bright light. Yeah, poor me. I know. So glasses it is when I need them. And short hair when I need it too. With either one I can concentrate more on the look that my creative mind is going for - the look of the day, the look of the moment - Halloween haha - whatever. Speaking of Halloween - my most favorite time of year yes. I'm not high on Thanksgiving or Christmas - that's another blog post for another time and the reasons are a lot more serious than my hair and glasses - trust.
Ah yes, Fall - nice warm sweaters, high stepping hats and effing bad ass boots oh and don't forget nice lightweight leather jackets - hell yeah - my time of year and oh yeah I love after Halloween shopping for the ultimate collection building. Its a wonderful time to play dress up and eat all the candy you want - who says you are ever to old to Trick-r-Treat - definitely not me. I have my YouTube faves to watch for Halloween tutorials... well enough of that and onto the pics...again enjoy...
And as always -
Peace and Blessings.
P.S. Stay tuned for the first "haul" installment...coming soon to a blog near you. :D

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Current Diva Space Setup...Yeah For Now :D!

This is when you come in the door to the right and I have my Vogues, my Michael Jackson books/magazines and my Betty Boop Dolls + some storage and fragrances...excuse the junk that doesn't belong.
Here is a better view of the same storage, bookcases and my chest of drawers, but my skincare is in the 6 drawers on the bottom...my ELF in the little crate some High End and misc foundations are in some of the others...
This is when you come in and everything is to the left side of the room and yes there's stuff under the table too that I didn't show yet but that will be later, but this is of the containers and drawers that aren't on the table.
Now this is the piece de resistance - the table and everything you could possibly think of is housed in those drawers from L'Oreal to Black Radiance to HiP to MAC, etc. Yeah I said it some MAC too...

Hello friends and fam and YT/FB/Blog fam howzit goin? Well, I hope. I logged on and thought I had a pic ready to post to show you guys and dolls (those interested, of course) of my current setup. And here are a few recent photos.
I know I have some pics I would love to share with my blogger fam and that's all of the purchases I've made since May when my main computer went bust on me. That will take some work however because I need to put the hauls in order. They are for the most part but it could use some tweaking before I post. I don't want things out of order and I want to make sure that I give you good information concerning each haul...location, prices, etc. the good stuff.

I've done a lot of E.L.F.ing (hehe) and some Wet N Wil'ing too...among other brands that I love like L.A. Colors, you saw the Metallic Palettes aren't they just gorgy? Yeah, I know right. So my video on my L.A. Colors part of my collection is sooooooo out of date right now...it's laughable.

I took a trip to Ross and Marshalls and Target (ya know Tar-zhay - LOL!) and I found some great things from Profusion (my bestie and I love their palettes) some Calvin Klein makeup for next to nothing and last but surely not least I found some old school Black Radiance...not at Target but my Rite-Aid and Wal-mart. They seem to be in the process of changing their packaging from their eyeshadows to their blushers, and lip colors. I want the old school in my collection. Hell, I'm still trying to organize this madness I call my Diva Cave / Makeup Room. But you can take a look at these current pic (s) and tell me what you guys think...and fair warning its not a full pan and scan of the Diva Space its just what I have on one table. The other table is where the computer, keyboard and misc. storage happens...no reason to bore you guys with that. The room itself is full and one of these days I will complete the tour in pics for my lovelies. But enjoy the smallish tour for now. Until next blog time on this same blog channel I wish you all Peace and Blessings.

~~Diamond Diva~~

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall - My Favorite Time of Year!!!!!

This is my old setup...
Through countless hauls and organizing it has changed dramatically. I told the story a little in my vids but not the whole story. I wasn't able to finish that series like I wanted.

the pic next to my old setup is of a haul I did recently...finding the rest of the 5 Pan Metallic Palettes from LA Colors - one of many of my favorite inexpensive brands that I affectionately dub "cheap shit" LOL.

Well its fall my pretties and you know what that means... the changing of the leaves (so beautiful) and Halloween is fast approaching. The Retail Industry is getting all gussied up for it already really since August. You know that as soon as Back To School is underway and the kiddies are settled in class its time to think of Fall (my favorite season to break out the nice sweaters, bangin' jackets, and boots - love it). Maybe I'll show you guys in pics some of my all time favorite boots...trust I have a few LOL.
I live across the street from a park and they have the plenty of trees and they are gorgy when the leaves change - when I start doing my regular walks I will take pics and share with you guys.
I appreciate those that are following me. I hope you all continue to find something useful here.
So today I'm just going to find another random pic and post...

Until next post... I wish you all Peace and Blessings.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Style Black Look Using Drugstore Stuffies....

I will come back and post a list of products used later...but I saw my test pic and just had to put this one up too as another test...this is exclusive to my blog. It's not even in a vid on YouTube. How fantastic is that?!
Oh yeah, black and red lipstick loves the teeth no matter what you do LOL... oh well.

Testing Pics 1...2...3...

Hi peeps. Nothing much going on right now except trying to find a way to get another compatible system for my camera so I can upload vids but until then I will do a little test pic here...this one is a look I did for Full Face Fridays created and started by the loverly JR the Great 1. We at the time were only able to do about 10 and they were fun.
I'm looking forward to the 3rd season of RuPaul's Drag Race on LOGO...
Here I am in my full drag well sorta LOL and there is a video on YouTube... I can post that link later...
Well bye for now guys and dolls and enjoy the pic.
Peace and Blessings.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Long Time No See - Whoops! :D Computer Fail - Epic!

Dear Readers, Supporters, Followers, and Friends -
How are you today?

I have no idea what to do with blogs...but I would like to start back maintaining this blog about Makeup and the like and maybe Life in General who knows? I think I need you guys help. An excellent question springs to mind at this point - What would you like to see? Or... What would you loverly supporters like for me to blog about on a regular basis? Makeup of course, but what else, if you don't mind me asking?

I know that my computer that I'm currently using is a dinosaur and that's putting it nicer than the other Godless names I have vocally expressed to this piece of machinery. It has caused me to be on hiatus from making videos (because simply what's the point if I can't post them?) And somehow I have managed to still haul my ass off. I love buying makeup!!!!! That won't stop. At the rate that I'm going with my current situation it would take me 10 years to save for a laptop. My job situation today doesn't look any better than it did when President Obama took office. Shortly thereafter I was laid off and haven't had much progress ever since becoming gainfully employed again. I would love to go to school but I'm afraid of incurring another student loan that I would have to live to the ripe young age of 100 to pay back. I know that there are grants out there but in the wrong hands they'll have you paying those back too even when you are not supposed to - it happened to my mom many blue moons ago. It took way way way did I say way too long to pay off one that was less than $2000.00 smackers back in the day and I can't go through again. I know TMI. Enough of that already right? Right! I agree. On to the next one....

Even though I've not been able to post videos I do however have plenty of pictures of all of my recent acquirements and some not so recent - would you all like to see? I would, I think, because without the documentation through pictures its really easy to forget what you have. If you don't know what I mean then there's a video you to check out that explains it better...
Ok, I guess not...(I couldn't upload it here using the URL - go figure - what else is new?) you will have to go over to damn YouTube to see it, the title of this titalating masterpiece (hehe) is UPDATED MAKEUP ROOM COLLECTION (brace yourself its Part One of Four) - I posted it in March of this year and I can tell you now just looking at it that so very much has changed and about to change again because of so many new acquisitions (all bought and paid for ok!????!) since March heck since May when my computer that I normally used decided to resign from its duties.

I don't get products from companies large or small for free. I don't get products sent to me from subscribers that purchase the major high-end stuffies and are just dissatisfied, disillusioned, or disenchanted with a buy or just cleaning out their stash and want to send me things to try for a review - I'm not that girl. I mean I have some lovely friends that have sent me things and I am forever grateful and they know who they are, but this is different - very different.

And I have just decided that from now on when I come across a video with a review or a haul where more than 75 to 99% of what they are talking about was given to them for review or in a haul I will not continue to watch them or the haul because as a Sista, a Woman of Color, and average citizen who continues to purchase makeup for myself as well as for my clients and gets nada, I simply cannot and will not take it anymore - this is my own version of a boycott so to speak. Its really disheartening to me that for all of the Women of Color on YouTube that have the better part of 13,000 subscribers or upwards of 20,000 that do beauty videos are never ever contacted by companies to tell their viewers about the same products or products made specifically for us (because mainstream doesn't love Us as much as the rest and you know who you are) that they never get anything sent to them for review. Ahem, excuse me {taps major cosmetics company executives on shoulder}...We buy products beauty products too...duh?

We are left out of the loop on consumerism and we are the biggest majority of consumers of a billion dollar industry. Yes I said it - Billion with a capital "B".
There's so much more on this issue that I would love to address but I won't for right now. Later my pretties, it will be Later!!!!

I wish for everyone that reads this Peace and Blessings.
See ya Soon,
Diamond Diva