Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Current Diva Space Setup...Yeah For Now :D!

This is when you come in the door to the right and I have my Vogues, my Michael Jackson books/magazines and my Betty Boop Dolls + some storage and fragrances...excuse the junk that doesn't belong.
Here is a better view of the same storage, bookcases and my chest of drawers, but my skincare is in the 6 drawers on the ELF in the little crate some High End and misc foundations are in some of the others...
This is when you come in and everything is to the left side of the room and yes there's stuff under the table too that I didn't show yet but that will be later, but this is of the containers and drawers that aren't on the table.
Now this is the piece de resistance - the table and everything you could possibly think of is housed in those drawers from L'Oreal to Black Radiance to HiP to MAC, etc. Yeah I said it some MAC too...

Hello friends and fam and YT/FB/Blog fam howzit goin? Well, I hope. I logged on and thought I had a pic ready to post to show you guys and dolls (those interested, of course) of my current setup. And here are a few recent photos.
I know I have some pics I would love to share with my blogger fam and that's all of the purchases I've made since May when my main computer went bust on me. That will take some work however because I need to put the hauls in order. They are for the most part but it could use some tweaking before I post. I don't want things out of order and I want to make sure that I give you good information concerning each haul...location, prices, etc. the good stuff.

I've done a lot of (hehe) and some Wet N Wil'ing too...among other brands that I love like L.A. Colors, you saw the Metallic Palettes aren't they just gorgy? Yeah, I know right. So my video on my L.A. Colors part of my collection is sooooooo out of date right's laughable.

I took a trip to Ross and Marshalls and Target (ya know Tar-zhay - LOL!) and I found some great things from Profusion (my bestie and I love their palettes) some Calvin Klein makeup for next to nothing and last but surely not least I found some old school Black Radiance...not at Target but my Rite-Aid and Wal-mart. They seem to be in the process of changing their packaging from their eyeshadows to their blushers, and lip colors. I want the old school in my collection. Hell, I'm still trying to organize this madness I call my Diva Cave / Makeup Room. But you can take a look at these current pic (s) and tell me what you guys think...and fair warning its not a full pan and scan of the Diva Space its just what I have on one table. The other table is where the computer, keyboard and misc. storage reason to bore you guys with that. The room itself is full and one of these days I will complete the tour in pics for my lovelies. But enjoy the smallish tour for now. Until next blog time on this same blog channel I wish you all Peace and Blessings.

~~Diamond Diva~~


  1. Cool Beans! Looking fwd to seeing the new acquisitions eventually! Thanks so much for sharing. It all looks so very organized! Do you keep spreadsheets or anything like that so you don't re purchase? Just curious.

  2. Actually I make lists constantly to keep myself on track. I still have a misstep or two along the way and have a double or three every once in a while but normally I do ok by making the list of what colors/flavors/scents I already have so I don't repeat. And for those mishaps I have my tacklebox that I just put in there and my daughter has already made dibs on that stuff LOL. Lucky girl that she is...yes when I misstep she makes out like a little bandit.