Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello There ... Day One

All that I can think to say right this minute is Hello to my fellow bloggers, viewers, YouTubers, and friends. I am going by the moniker DiamondDiva. I hope to create another account soon. It will be the same business as know Makeup always makeup and of course The Way I See Shit! it got a nice following so I will continue that. I appreciate people listening to what I have to say not judging and giving me hope and light in a dark hour in my life. To you I say Thank You and you know exactly who you are. I will say this again and again so get used to it...I was not put on this Earth to hurt anyone. I am here as God intended. I am someone that only wants to show love and receive love. Love comes in many forms...kind words, a smile, arms of support, etc.
So there is the first installment of my midday madness, hey sounds like a title to a new segment who knows with me. I'm always coming up with something...execution, however, is an entirely different matter altogether. Yeah. Some introduction huh? Yeah, I know it could be better but who really cares?
For you guys from the YT that are checking this out for the first time and would like to say hello back feel free to do so. I am still Angela aka Sithwinch aka DiamondDiva aka SheAlegna Studios, Inc. its all me.
Have a Blessed of the of the month...year, you guys get the picture.