Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall - My Favorite Time of Year!!!!!

This is my old setup...
Through countless hauls and organizing it has changed dramatically. I told the story a little in my vids but not the whole story. I wasn't able to finish that series like I wanted.

the pic next to my old setup is of a haul I did recently...finding the rest of the 5 Pan Metallic Palettes from LA Colors - one of many of my favorite inexpensive brands that I affectionately dub "cheap shit" LOL.

Well its fall my pretties and you know what that means... the changing of the leaves (so beautiful) and Halloween is fast approaching. The Retail Industry is getting all gussied up for it already really since August. You know that as soon as Back To School is underway and the kiddies are settled in class its time to think of Fall (my favorite season to break out the nice sweaters, bangin' jackets, and boots - love it). Maybe I'll show you guys in pics some of my all time favorite I have a few LOL.
I live across the street from a park and they have the plenty of trees and they are gorgy when the leaves change - when I start doing my regular walks I will take pics and share with you guys.
I appreciate those that are following me. I hope you all continue to find something useful here.
So today I'm just going to find another random pic and post...

Until next post... I wish you all Peace and Blessings.

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