Thursday, August 5, 2010

Long Time No See - Whoops! :D Computer Fail - Epic!

Dear Readers, Supporters, Followers, and Friends -
How are you today?

I have no idea what to do with blogs...but I would like to start back maintaining this blog about Makeup and the like and maybe Life in General who knows? I think I need you guys help. An excellent question springs to mind at this point - What would you like to see? Or... What would you loverly supporters like for me to blog about on a regular basis? Makeup of course, but what else, if you don't mind me asking?

I know that my computer that I'm currently using is a dinosaur and that's putting it nicer than the other Godless names I have vocally expressed to this piece of machinery. It has caused me to be on hiatus from making videos (because simply what's the point if I can't post them?) And somehow I have managed to still haul my ass off. I love buying makeup!!!!! That won't stop. At the rate that I'm going with my current situation it would take me 10 years to save for a laptop. My job situation today doesn't look any better than it did when President Obama took office. Shortly thereafter I was laid off and haven't had much progress ever since becoming gainfully employed again. I would love to go to school but I'm afraid of incurring another student loan that I would have to live to the ripe young age of 100 to pay back. I know that there are grants out there but in the wrong hands they'll have you paying those back too even when you are not supposed to - it happened to my mom many blue moons ago. It took way way way did I say way too long to pay off one that was less than $2000.00 smackers back in the day and I can't go through again. I know TMI. Enough of that already right? Right! I agree. On to the next one....

Even though I've not been able to post videos I do however have plenty of pictures of all of my recent acquirements and some not so recent - would you all like to see? I would, I think, because without the documentation through pictures its really easy to forget what you have. If you don't know what I mean then there's a video you to check out that explains it better...
Ok, I guess not...(I couldn't upload it here using the URL - go figure - what else is new?) you will have to go over to damn YouTube to see it, the title of this titalating masterpiece (hehe) is UPDATED MAKEUP ROOM COLLECTION (brace yourself its Part One of Four) - I posted it in March of this year and I can tell you now just looking at it that so very much has changed and about to change again because of so many new acquisitions (all bought and paid for ok!????!) since March heck since May when my computer that I normally used decided to resign from its duties.

I don't get products from companies large or small for free. I don't get products sent to me from subscribers that purchase the major high-end stuffies and are just dissatisfied, disillusioned, or disenchanted with a buy or just cleaning out their stash and want to send me things to try for a review - I'm not that girl. I mean I have some lovely friends that have sent me things and I am forever grateful and they know who they are, but this is different - very different.

And I have just decided that from now on when I come across a video with a review or a haul where more than 75 to 99% of what they are talking about was given to them for review or in a haul I will not continue to watch them or the haul because as a Sista, a Woman of Color, and average citizen who continues to purchase makeup for myself as well as for my clients and gets nada, I simply cannot and will not take it anymore - this is my own version of a boycott so to speak. Its really disheartening to me that for all of the Women of Color on YouTube that have the better part of 13,000 subscribers or upwards of 20,000 that do beauty videos are never ever contacted by companies to tell their viewers about the same products or products made specifically for us (because mainstream doesn't love Us as much as the rest and you know who you are) that they never get anything sent to them for review. Ahem, excuse me {taps major cosmetics company executives on shoulder}...We buy products beauty products too...duh?

We are left out of the loop on consumerism and we are the biggest majority of consumers of a billion dollar industry. Yes I said it - Billion with a capital "B".
There's so much more on this issue that I would love to address but I won't for right now. Later my pretties, it will be Later!!!!

I wish for everyone that reads this Peace and Blessings.
See ya Soon,
Diamond Diva


  1. YAY! the link worked! It looks great! Looking fwd to more from you whenever you are able to post. :O) Thanks so much for sharing

  2. Thanks @ 1xellus1 - I hope I can get the hang of this and at least post pics of my hauls and such.
    See you soon.