Monday, September 13, 2010

Testing Pics 1...2...3...

Hi peeps. Nothing much going on right now except trying to find a way to get another compatible system for my camera so I can upload vids but until then I will do a little test pic here...this one is a look I did for Full Face Fridays created and started by the loverly JR the Great 1. We at the time were only able to do about 10 and they were fun.
I'm looking forward to the 3rd season of RuPaul's Drag Race on LOGO...
Here I am in my full drag well sorta LOL and there is a video on YouTube... I can post that link later...
Well bye for now guys and dolls and enjoy the pic.
Peace and Blessings.



  1. OMG you look stunning! YAY! so glad to see you are up & running w/ this blog! looking 4wd to more posts.

  2. You were in my thoughts. I realized I had not seen you in a long while. I went searching and here you are doing you. Hope all is well. I love this look.