Sunday, October 10, 2010

How Do I Look? Hair - No Hair - Glasses - No Glasses :D

I don't remember when I took this pic - but it is THE before...what a look...I wasn't feeling this - can't you tell LOL... on to the next one...yep. (Aug. 15th, 2010 - whoops found the date - hehe!)

Now this one was taken on the 28th of August, 2010 and this was a moment of I'd had enough with the hair already... oh and I enjoyed the movie V for Vendetta too. My favorite characters of course were V and Evie (Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman respectfully)

This is the current look so far sans glasses...what do you think of that growth in about two months give or take?

And this is me in some of my modern favorite frames. I have 2 other pairs that I wear but I usually reach for these first. The frames below my late husband actually picked out for me at the time. And for a while they were my faves of all time but then the clear beauties above I picked myself and they have been my faves ever since.

The last three pics with the "new growth" were taken on October 2nd, 2010. Not bad for a few weeks huh?

I did the big chop back in August. Actually I did it August 28th to be exact. Yep, I chopped all my hair off to start over from the countless relaxers and the reversion back to my natural. I wasn't feeling the miniature afro so I grabbed the clippers put them on the right setting and pulled a Demi Moore ala G.I. Jane <3>
I will be so kind and give you the before well, the current before dig the look on my face yeah its a doozie and then there's the day of the big chop itself and then there's the current look and I'm even sporting my glasses that I wear when I need them which is supposed to be everyday even when I'm watching TV - bummer but most especially when I drive so I can see the damn road signs from a distance cuz shit far off gives these pretty brown peepers problems. Ain't that some ish? I got my first pair of glasses while I was living in Atlanta. Ah...Atlanta...a town I think I would like to go back to get this makeup thing whatever that may be, off the ground. Do you think by any chance that I miss Atlanta... well yeah - I damn sure do miss it - the sites - the shopping... esp. the shopping. And back to the glasses - I have to make glasses look as fierce as possible with the right clothes and accessories cuz this sis can't stand nothing in her eyes and nothing touching the eyeballs so even though I've tried contacts they are not for me. I wore them for all total about 4 hours. I had problems putting them in. I had difficulties taking them out and to top things off they dried out my eyes. My poor eyes are extremely sensitive sometimes even to the sun and other extremely bright light. Yeah, poor me. I know. So glasses it is when I need them. And short hair when I need it too. With either one I can concentrate more on the look that my creative mind is going for - the look of the day, the look of the moment - Halloween haha - whatever. Speaking of Halloween - my most favorite time of year yes. I'm not high on Thanksgiving or Christmas - that's another blog post for another time and the reasons are a lot more serious than my hair and glasses - trust.
Ah yes, Fall - nice warm sweaters, high stepping hats and effing bad ass boots oh and don't forget nice lightweight leather jackets - hell yeah - my time of year and oh yeah I love after Halloween shopping for the ultimate collection building. Its a wonderful time to play dress up and eat all the candy you want - who says you are ever to old to Trick-r-Treat - definitely not me. I have my YouTube faves to watch for Halloween tutorials... well enough of that and onto the pics...again enjoy...
And as always -
Peace and Blessings.
P.S. Stay tuned for the first "haul" installment...coming soon to a blog near you. :D


  1. loving the makeup on the 1st pic!

    compliments on the best shaped head i've seen in a long time. LOL perfect in size as well! go girl! & wow BC! I've done it 2x much to the chagrin of the DH. LOL now I'm stretching relaxers.

    love your different frames! so cute!
    i've wanted to wear glasses all of my life.
    i only need them for reading.
    contacts. my eyes roll back in my head everyx. i can't stand anything in my eyes! i wish i could b/c i would love to experiment w/ the colored ones.

    i love fall as well. love my sweaters, love the leather jackets & booooooots! LOL