Friday, January 7, 2011

Current Makeup Setup... Yeah...Its Ridiculous and Its All Mine...

As you can see I've taken down the Betty Boop Dolls and some of the other mess so this is what's on top of the Chest now that has my Taut, Alexis Vogel, Victoria's Secret and Jane (in the first drawer of the chest itself). December 2010

And so these other two pics have to do with the current setup now as December 2010 - I was hella bored. So it was a New Year's resolution before the New Year to get some more order out of the chaos so now the Diva Lounge is getting there. And as you can also see it spans across 1 and 1/2 tables...yeah...I know crazy man crazy.
Things are a little mixed up but you get the picture (pun intended :)

This pic is also December end the confusion and the one below is the before....2009! Get it right!

I hope this is right but this pic is before December 2010 its more like 0-9...

Since May of last year I ran into a bit of a snag...I couldn't post vids anymore. My system just pulled a Cee-Lo Green on me and said "Forget You" yes it did now...

So by the suggestion of a good good friend who also blogs here on the I started blogging again - here and there... I'd started it once before thinking that I was going to do some serious internet damage haha and didn't do jack with it. I had one post at the time...its still up and lame as hell. I have another one that I don't even remember the name to but oh well. Sooooo....for right now chicas this is as current as it gets.

Someday I will take this a little more seriously but for now its just a little fun to have when I'm bored. I get to share a little even though the gratification isn't instant as Mashed Potatoes its still worth it because you can do more here than you can do in 10, 15, 30 minutes...who really has time to sit through that except for unemployed folks such as myself? I ask you.

Now that I've had that kind of unexpected free time - I still indulge in my favorite hobby of all time which is the Collection of Makeup...and on the other end I love organizing and re-organizing everything just so I can find it when I'm ready to do a full face again - that is on a regular basis. I've slowed down considerably since the 10+ years in retail that I wore a full face - wind, snow, sleet, hail, rain or shine that I wore it everyday except to clean my room or take out the trash. I was Beat Face Betty for years...ya heard? I was rarely seen without it. So now my face appreciates the break...that said on to the pictures... I blogged about the first picture but its grown so you will get before December 2010 and after December 2010 going into the New Year. Oh yeah stay tuned guys for my new bedroom setup which is coming soon to this Blog near you - Enjoy - Until Next Blog Time Loverlies :)


  1. Loves it! Can't wait until you are able to do videos again. :O) Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. The organization of the Diva Lounge is very nice!!

  3. Diamond Diva! You're one of my favorite gurus! So glad you have this blog too :)